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 Monitor or tegu???

Hey guys Iím wondering are black and white tegus a good large lizard???
cuz I really have a love for monitors specifically savannah monitors and ackies???

whatís the diffrence between ackies and savannahs???
whatís the diffrence between tegus and monitors???

whatís a better choice for a big lizard???
I really want a large lizard but not an iguana!!
Iím either gonna get a ackie,sav,or a tegu???
which out of the three is a good choice???


05/18/07  05:24pm


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  Message To: Reptilelvr   In reference to Message Id: 1285992

 Monitor or tegu???

i would narrow it down to an ackie or a tegu. savs are cheap pets that are somewhat difficult to keep. most are imported. tegu are large lizards and can be tamed, but they eat alot and need a large cage. ackies are good pets and arent expensive to feed, but they are a little expensive to begin with. howver, i would not use prices to determine the large lizard u get.

tegus are found in the new world in the tropics and are omnivores. monitors are old world and are carnivores. tegu are easier to handle then monitors cuz monitors dont like to be handle. a tame monitor is usually a sick monitor. but u should still go with an ackie.

05/18/07  05:43pm


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  Message To: Glowinggecko123   In reference to Message Id: 1286031

 Monitor or tegu???

A good large lizard to start out with is a B@W argentine tegu. I good monitor to start out with is an ackie. Ackies are not a large lizard. Argentineís are so I would say tegu.

05/18/07  05:47pm


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  Message To: ReptileRulers   In reference to Message Id: 1286038

 Monitor or tegu???

I prefer tegus, monitors are too tough and chewy.
Tegus are nice and tender, ahhhh.......... the other white meat.


05/19/07  02:13am


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  Message To: KAP10CAVY   In reference to Message Id: 1286504

 Monitor or tegu???

I like mine drenched in BBQ sauce! yup good old tegu on the bar-b, sweet and spicy!!!

05/19/07  11:07pm

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