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 Ackie concerns

Hey everyone, I’m new here. So I got an ackie about 5-7 months ago as a hatchling and I personally don’t think that he has grown enough in this time and I feed everyday mixing up between super worms discoid roaches and the occc Bucket gizzards since it’s convenient and always available at home since I have two tegus. Does anyone have some input as to how big he/she should at this age more or less.
And then the next big concern. This little guy is TERRIFIED of me. If is it’s head is poking out from under his burrow and he sees me approach he runs away so fast in a panic that he slams into everything I’m worried it could get hurt with this behavior. It will come right up too me when I use tongs to feed. But I have tried to use my hands to try and get a little closer too it and it will not come anywhere near food if it’s not on tongs.
I have read that some ackies will just never take and I’m ok with that I really just don’t want it to get hurt with the way it panics every time I approach. The basking spot is at a fairly consistent 110-120 degrees I have two mercury UVB bulbs to reach this temperature and provide UV.

08/30/18  03:01pm

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