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 Ackies not eating

Hello. New to this forum. I purchased two ackie juvies a little over a week ago. Here is the relevant info for husbandry:
1. Tank size: 50 Gallon
2. Basking Temp: 140 F
3. Ambient: ~ 80 F
4. Humidity: ~ 50%
5. Substrate: ~ 8- 10 inches ecoearth and sand mixture
6. Cool and hot hide available

I feel like everything listed above is correct. I have not gotten them to eat crickets. The shop that I purchased them from had them eating exclusively crickets and they wont touch them. I have gotten them to eat some eggs and raw turkey. I put the crickets in and they just look at them with zero interest. Any ideas or tips to get them to eat the crickets? Any advise is appreciated.

01/22/17  12:23pm


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  Message To: Jluke91   In reference to Message Id: 2320156

 Ackies not eating

Hi just put the crickets in and walk away. They’ll likely eat them throughout the day. Your setup does sound fine for the time being. Also don’t feed them too much turkey and eggs those items are more filler than nutritious food. Think whole food items like inverts and mice, chick, quail, fish.

06/24/17  11:41am

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