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 Ackies not eating

Hello. New to this forum. I purchased two ackie juvies a little over a week ago. Here is the relevant info for husbandry:
1. Tank size: 50 Gallon
2. Basking Temp: 140 F
3. Ambient: ~ 80 F
4. Humidity: ~ 50%
5. Substrate: ~ 8- 10 inches ecoearth and sand mixture
6. Cool and hot hide available

I feel like everything listed above is correct. I have not gotten them to eat crickets. The shop that I purchased them from had them eating exclusively crickets and they wont touch them. I have gotten them to eat some eggs and raw turkey. I put the crickets in and they just look at them with zero interest. Any ideas or tips to get them to eat the crickets? Any advise is appreciated.

01/22/17  12:23pm

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