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 Ackie monitor help

Hello all. I’m looking for some advice with my monitors. I have 3 yellow ackie monitors that are roughly 9 months old. They all hatched within a week of eachother and have been housed together since. Since I got them at about 5 months, there has been some small skirmishes here and there with rarely a bite. However, lately things have been really heating up. One ackie started growing exceptionally fast compared to the other two and is now getting rowdy. It will mount the other every once and awhile and will poke its head. However, it does the same with the other but bites it quite frequently. I decided to separate the big one from the group but as i walked in to do so, it was attacking the other. It had a small cut on its face and rear leg. They are separated now. What’s going on? is it because of the size difference? I thought they would establish their heirarchy and then it would calm down. Once they get to equal size, should i reintroduce them to eachother? I had the breeder check my conditions and the heating and shelter are on point. They get fed daily until full on large crickets and dubia’s. They are in a 72"L by 24"H by 30"D tank. There’s about a dozen hiding spots and plenty of dirt/sand mix substrate so hides shouldn’t be a problem. Also, none of them really dig. They prefer to climb into the cork bark rounds. Substrate is warm and moist, i thought they were supposed to burrow. Any help would be greatly appreciated. These are my first ackies and have been doing excellent up until now. Would really like to get this fixed so none are continuing to get hurt or stressed.

11/10/16  06:29pm

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