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Nir Avraham   Takahiro111  

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Nir Avraham
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 Cage for dwarf monitors


I have an empty terrarium and I want a pair of any species for dwarf monitors.
The terrarium size is 50X30X30 (cm). I don’t know if it’s will be good for dwarf monitors, but maybe there are really small monitor species...
If I can’t raise there dwarf monitors, which other lizard can I raise there?
I have leopard geckoes, bearded dragons, veiled chameleon and cuban anoles.


10/02/15  02:46am


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  Message To: Nir Avraham   In reference to Message Id: 2315068

 Cage for dwarf monitors

im not sure how many gallons it is but a fairly small herp. Dwarf monitors need more room than that because how active they are.

10/02/15  01:01pm

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