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 V. Auffenbergi help

I have kept reptiles for about 4.5 years now starting with ball pythons and Leopard Geckos, last year I got a V. Gouldii and he has done very well. So I thought I would get something I have wanted for a long time, Peacock monitors. I got a pair at a show about 4 months ago (Although I’m not entirely sure they aren’t Timors) and the male has done great he has grown considerably, the female however is not doing as well. Will not eat, at all. I’ve tried roaches and pinkie mice, she won’t even eat the cat food that the breeder I got her from fed them. She is losing weight and pretty much never leaves the pond. I’m not really sure what to do to help, and i don’t want to stress her more. The tank is sub optimal but I am in the process of building a 4x4x6. The temps for the basking spots are 130-135 not really sure about ambient humidity I do not have a hygrometer. and the ambient air temp is 75-80. The tank itself is about 4x1.5x1.

07/02/15  04:03pm

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