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 Proper heating using thermostats

I may soon be acquiring a trio of red ackies, and I had a question about heating. From what I understand, their basking spots can be as high as 130 degrees (Fahrenheit). I have not seen a thermostat that will allow such high temperatures. I have the TG-412L Infrared temp gun that will read temperatures WAY beyond that, but I can’t seem to find any thermostats to help keep this level of heat. Does anyone know a good thermostat to use that will allow temperatures up to 130 degrees?

Also, do people tend to use two thermostats, one for the cooler area, and one for the warmest area, or how do people insure the temperatures are always correct? Should I just use my temp gun and make sure they are consistently in the correct range before I get the ackies, and then forget the thermostats altogether? What do people think/what are people doing?

01/08/15  11:55am


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  Message To: Nietzscha   In reference to Message Id: 2311719

 Proper heating using thermostats

I use a probe theremometer for all my cages one each for hot and cold sides and I’ll also use my temp gun to measure the basking overall hot end..the cool end I really don’t worry about because it always stay between 70-77°…

01/09/15  02:51am

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