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Dracosaurus   Takahiro111  

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 Timor monitor feeding

I currently own a year old Timor monitor. My Timor currently is a very picky eater and is proving hard to feed. When he was younger he ate a lit of crickets and other insects readily but now seems completely disinterested in them. He currently only eats eggs and I would like him to have a varied diet to ensure his health. I have tried chicken and Turkey with little success. He is in my belief to small to eat mice. I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion to help him feed. Btw can tumors eat fish such as salmon?

07/23/14  07:16am


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  Message To: Dracosaurus   In reference to Message Id: 2307775

 Timor monitor feeding

Ofcourse they can eat salmon my monitors eat it along with tuna,cod,haddock and trout but I stopped feeding them ground turkey I heard it was bad for them plus their both on diets anyway lol.

07/23/14  09:13pm

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