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NightViper14   Staypuft  

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I’m looking into getting one I have a few questions that i couldn’t find a clear answer for anywhere else. What is the best substrate to keep them in? I know not use 100% sand. Is zoo med excavator or eco earth good for them? Also how I read that they like moist burrows. Do they need that or something like those humid hides leopard geckos use? For any one who gives me any answers or hints thanks.

05/01/13  09:01pm


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By this time you’ve probably just went to the monitor forum (this thread is dead. Everyone just went to the monitor forum)

But to answer your questions the very best (and by far the cheapest) substrate for an ackie, or any monitor, is a 60:40 mix of dirt and sand. coconut husk substrate (the two you listed) are not suitable as they dont hold a burrow. Which is essential for a monitor’s well being. The burrow allows them to thermoregulate themselfs and conserve moisture. A humid hide is far from an ideal candidate as it doesn’t allow the monitor the choose the amount of humidity or heat that it wants.

07/27/13  08:34am

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