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Mtptte   Arashikage1  

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 Lid for 40 breeder

Im sure sone of you have turned 40 breeders into dwarf monitors cages. Was curous how you did the lid. Take pics or let me know thank you.

01/21/13  11:32pm


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  Message To: Mtptte   In reference to Message Id: 2290185

 Lid for 40 breeder

Hi, I have a trio of young ackies in a 40 gallon breeder right now. I used a piece of thick plexiglass, cut to fit in the lip on the inside of the tank and framed on top with 2x2s to keep it from warping. 2 holes to run the wire for light fixtures through so the lights are inside the cage. Hope this helps.

Mike W

01/30/13  12:14pm

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