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 Ackie Monitors diets?

I am interested in an Ackie monitor, but first I would like some helpful information about them food wise. I have done research on this species, of which I can provide all of its requirements for the record :)

First question is: Do they have to eat live food? Are there any commercial diets, cat foods, or prepared foods I can offer instead?

Second question is: Are there any other dwarf monitors, or similar lizards to the family that do not require live food?

Thank you!

01/15/13  05:38pm


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  Message To: Freedom21   In reference to Message Id: 2289711

 Ackie Monitors diets?

Ackies monitors in captivity have been known to take a wide range of prey items, including: mice, crickets, hissing cockroaches, mealworms, Zoo Med’s canned food diets, snails, eggs (chicken, quail, and leopard gecko), and shrimp. It should be noted that just because a monitor can eat something, that does not mean that it is a suitable food. While a wide variety of food will be accepted, some foods are more readily eaten than others and some are far more appropriate as food items than others. While these monitors will eat dog and cat food, it is not recommended as a part of the diet. Ideally, a diet consisting almost entirely of whole prey items with a small portion consisting of the raw turkey and egg diet is best. Suitable prey items include hissing cockroaches, dubia roaches, lobster roaches, crickets, mealworms, mice (avoid unweaned rodents as they are high in fat and low in calcium and other nutrients). All food items, with the exception of rodents, should be dusted with a high quality calcium and/or vitamin powder, such as Stick Tongue Farms MinerAll Indoor Formula. Young monitors can be kept mainly on crickets, mealworms, and small roaches, while adult monitors can be fed the entire range of possible food items. Rodents should be fed in moderation, leaning on the side of fewer rodents than insects. Captive monitors rarely, if ever, get the same kind of exercise wild monitors do, and care should be taken to ensure that an adult monitor does not become obese. :)

01/29/13  03:39pm


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  Message To: Newtcatcher   In reference to Message Id: 2290824

 Ackie Monitors diets?

Hi, I have 6 ackies in two groups of threes. They all love crickets and will also occasionally take mice and other food items, but they grow up fast and strong and cycle and produce eggs on a diet of dusted crickets and occasional mice

Mike W

01/30/13  12:12pm


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  Message To: Freedom21   In reference to Message Id: 2289711

 Ackie Monitors diets?

my trio is about 10 weeks old and are feeding on dusted crickets and dubia roaches.

02/06/13  09:50pm


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  Message To: Jwalker72   In reference to Message Id: 2291498

 Ackie Monitors diets?

This was very interesting to know about the Ackie Monitors diets and also what items are included in this diet.

10/03/13  12:18am

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