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 Timor monitor care

Hello everyone, my name is Lane and I currently keep a 1yo jungle carpet python as well as a juvenile spotted tree monitor (v. timorensis). The monitor has been doing well since I started with him about a month ago, especially after some recent adaptations of his enclosure. He is currently in a 30 gallon terrarium with plenty of climbing space and tight spaces where he can hide and move around unnoticed, as these animals seem to be very shy. I started him on ground turkey mixed with smaller proportions of ground egg (incl. shell) and calcium supplement (he would not eat crickets initially) but have recently started him on a diet of dubia roaches, which he is accepting readily. Today when I was handling him I heard a sharp snap, and after observing the movements of his right forearm for some time I determined that it was injured (probably broken). Considering I was handling him very gently, and the break seemed to happen without much strain I’m assuming that this is most likely a consequence of insufficient calcium in his diet, and possibly higher-than-necessary temps. My approach for now is going to be feeding him exclusively roaches and the occasional pinkie (local Petco’s freezer should be fixed by now) and making sure his temps range between 85 and 120 in the basking spots, but I would appreciate any suggestions as to how to proceed with his condition (diet, temps, enclosure, necessary to take him to a vet? etc)

Thanks a lot

02/29/12  10:32pm


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 Timor monitor care

I would say take him to vet if his leg is broke. but i dont know much about timor monitors. i was afford one for 100 bucks. is that a good deal for an adult?

03/07/12  11:27am

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