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 Timor Monitor Questions

I recently adopted a timor/peacock monitor (I’m confused about the difference between them), and have had him for just under four weeks now. In that time I’ve kept him in a 20 gallon long at my parents house for quarantine (they have no pets); I wanted to be sure he was in good health before moving him to my house as I already have a CWD.

The timor is just under 17" currently and I just say he because that is what the previous owner addressed him as. I was told he’s just under two years old and had been kept in a 20 long his whole life. I am going to be moving him into a 40 breeder for the time being, and plan to build a custom enclosure using a stock tank as a base.

The tank for now has about 6" of substrate consisting of crushed walnut shells mixed with coconut fiber to hold humidity. I have a rock hide, a half log which I mostly buried so he can burrow under it, assorted climbing branches, and a water bowl large enough for him to lay in comfortably. For the tank cover I am using MDF board with holes cut for the lamps and screen secured over the holes.

Up until now I’ve offered him crickets which have been mostly ignored, mealworms twice which he took, and fuzzies on three occasions all of which he took. I know that he is probably stressed from the changing environment and all so I’ve left him alone other than misting the cage, changing water, cleaning feces, and feeding.

The questions I have for now are:
-How long can he be kept in the 40 before needing to be moved into a larger enclosure? And is the enclosure I suggested above appropriate granted I provide enough height above the tank?
-Are there any changes I should make to the 40 to make it more appropriate until I move him to a larger enclosure?
-Is the amount he has eaten normal for this species? It seems very low to me, compared to other species I’ve owned in the past (first monitor species though).
-Is a staple of crickets/roaches with fuzzies weekly a suitable diet or am I missing any vital components?

I welcome any and all criticism/advice anyone may be willing to give me so long as it isn’t pointless rude comments.

01/23/12  01:42am

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