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IAMNOTSUNGHO123   Varanus1  

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 Freckled monitor help

hi, i own a male freckled monitor (a little over 2 years old). I’m thinking of breeding him (i’ve bred other dwarf species before) but i have a problem. Can i introduce a female monitor to him right now? I don’t really keep more than one monitor in the same enclosure except for breeding pairs/trios. I’m worried that if i introduce a female to him they’ll fight...should i try breeding them?

01/04/12  04:08pm


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  Message To: IAMNOTSUNGHO123   In reference to Message Id: 2249654

 Freckled monitor help

If you have a female give it a go watch them closely. Most times its best to raise them up together than to introduce new stock.Do you know for sure you have a male?

02/16/12  05:07pm

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