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Scale_fever   Arashikage1  

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 Ackie Or Timor!!

Well folks i have a 4’x3’x3’ enclosure,thats in progress.Since 3 years ago when i set eyes on a blue tree i was hooked!!! I would love to own a pair but from all this reading.On diferentes sites ,googling,etc....I understand that these are not for someone with no experience with varanus,period!So i’ve decided to go with some dwarfs ,beleieve me i love big animal,cichlids,rays & so on.But i have a rough job im a commercial fishermen i work 3 quarters of the year. My wife takes care of our lil investment when i gone;).The red ackies attitude,is in the cattegory that i desire.Timors the blue just gets me but being very shy,is not the tree im barking,but goes with ok with the misses.She’ll take care of them but shes kinda scared of them.remind you we’ve had tegus ,blue tongued skink,geckos,rays,cichlids cat,dog two kids etc...what would be good i your experience please..Thanks in advance......

11/18/11  12:45pm


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 Ackie Or Timor!!

I have a trio of yellow ackies and I think they are awesome. If I had to pick out of all animals I have to keep one kind, I would pick the ackies.

Mike W

11/22/11  02:01pm

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