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 My New Ackie

So i have ben looking for one for ever, im located In SoCal, I could not find one anywhere. so i guess my mother in law seen one in Nevada and guess what i got it shipped to me. Its funny do couse my Girl lied to me and told me that her mom was sending toys for the Kids, so the fed ex guy comes and leaves the box. i pick up the box and i trew it up in the air and caught it. i set it down and then i see it said Live Reptile i was like smiley lol. luckily He She is fine and in its new home that i had to hurry and set up.

Here Some Pics.

He She is only about 10 to 13 inches maybe still a little skiddish but lets me pet it, i feed it with tongs and get it to climb on my had to grap its food so im working on the taming part. I Love Monitors but right now we are renting a house so i could not get a nile or anything that gets to big so i wanted an Ackie and i finally got it. Yey !!!!

So now i Have

Red Ackie
Frilled Dragon
Pair of Bearded Dragons

And other pets

3 dogs ( 2 pit bulls 1 black lab )
Cat ( my girls )
Bird ( My Girls )
Sugar Gliders ( Both of ours )
And a 125 gl tank full of Cichlids

09/19/11  08:15am


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  Message To: CivicDemon   In reference to Message Id: 2237484

 My New Ackie

Congrats, nice looking Ackie. Awesome species to have.
One note is to seal up those vents in the enclosure. You don’t them them and don’t want them.
They will let all the humidity escape.
Seal them up.

10/06/11  07:50am


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  Message To: Kriminaal   In reference to Message Id: 2239397

 My New Ackie

well the humidity in there reads at 60 % now what should it be
i keep the substrate pretty humid i sprey it down 2 to 3 times a week and he has about 8 to 10 inches in there.

10/11/11  09:29am


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  Message To: CivicDemon   In reference to Message Id: 2240015

 My New Ackie

That’s the point. You don’t want to be spraying it down all the time and don’t need to if you seal up the vents. Plus your substrate is still giving off a lot of moisture as it has not yet stabilized in temperature for your habitat.

10/11/11  01:27pm

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