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 Timor monitors

hey i have some question about them, around how big do they get, what do they eat, how big of a cage will they need and are they skittish generally?

08/13/10  01:19pm


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 Timor monitors

I’m not really an expert, I’ve only owned my Timor for about a year. When we bought her they told me she was almost full grown, but she’s grown alot since then, she about a foot and a half give or take. (She’s not really willing to be taken out and measured.) She eats a diet of crickets and super worms. She used to get pinkies once a week which she LOVED but she gained alot of weight due to inactivity (she hides ALOT) so now she gets one as a treat maybe once a month. She NOW lives in a 36x18x24 exo terra with a basking of around 100 and the cool side of the tank is about 88. Humidity is a pain, we mist about four times every two hours just to keep it in the 80’s. We’re planning on moving her into a bigger tank soon but for now she’s plenty active (lost her excess weight) in what she’s in with no snot rub or anything to show she doesn’t like it. She LOVES to dig we use regular reptile soil with bark bits and all she does ALL day is dig! But the moment she catches you watching she’s darts like a light and into her hide box and doesn’t come back out of about an hour. With experience from mine and from what i’ve read about others they are super skittish. We’ve only been able to handle her a couple times since we had her and a couple months ago when she was tired of being handled she reared around and bit me (got to my skin through a pair of thick cotton gloves, ouch!)

after that she wouldn’t let me near the tank, but my boyfriend on the other hand she seems to trust him more. he’s opens up the tank and carefully pets her under her chin, and she’ll just flick her tongue and blink at him. so i guess it really just depends on the person.

This is about two weeks after we first bought her

And this is about a month ago, sorry about the quality of the picture.

07/16/11  09:57am

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