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 Empty Tank and Free Space

Hey I have recently been looking into Dwarf monitors and Have been looking into what it would cost to house them when full grown. I have a free 4’ x 2’ x 2’ Tank, and would love to have a baby Dwarf Monitor, are there any suggestions for the species of dwarf I should look into further, also, I have a 4’X 2’ x 2’ Flexarium that I could put on top of it, to make it a 4’ x 2’ x 4’ Tank. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, as it is hard to do research on dwarf monitors in general. The monitors I have been looking into are the following,
Red Ackies
Yellow Ackies
Timor Monitors
Green Tree monitors (I believe, These ones have mixed info, some say only grow to 3 feet incl tail, and some say can grow to 5-6 feet with tail.
Storr monitor

Thank you in advance for the Help,


05/14/09  01:02pm


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  Message To: Robchops   In reference to Message Id: 2004405

 Empty Tank and Free Space

red or yellow akie would be ur best bet for that tank

05/27/09  09:47pm

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