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Perry cox
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 Are these good

do yellow ackies make good pets, are they handeleable,how big a cage do they need, and how much expierience do i need before i get one i relly love them im just not sure on what are the good facts. everything says different info so if someone could tell me some of these answers that would be great.

09/11/08  07:09pm


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  Message To: Perry cox   In reference to Message Id: 1857088

 Are these good

I have pair of ackies and they are a joy to own. Most have great personalities when cared for properly, and are very active. To get more info you should post this in the regular monitor forum. The dwarf forum is dead.


09/11/08  08:48pm


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  Message To: Rsharp87   In reference to Message Id: 1857205

 Are these good

Handleable---some are. Most will tolerate it but not enjoy it.
They have excellent entertainment value. I suggest getting at least two of them to watch them interact.
Two can be set up in a 3 ft enclosure providing you have a few levels to increase floor space. A 4 foot habitat is better though for controlling temps.

09/16/08  03:08pm

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