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:D Hello my name is peter, i have 3 FBT’s, 1 male cornsnake, and a russian hamster. Well i recently started work at my local exotic pets store, and they have giant african land snails, which me and a friend both thought were quite interesting and both considered buying, but i decided that i would wait a while then order younger ones in to raise. And then the snails at the shop had babies! And i got to take home ten babies and 2 eggs for free! I am so excited, they are only 2-3 mm! So being a good british citizen i gave my friend 2 and i am raising the rest. I would like to keep 2 (’fish’+’chips’, and my snake is called beenz :D) and then i will give the rest away, so if it all goes to plan and any one wants a couple of young GALS then let me know. I am so happy cos now i got them all for free and i get to raise them properly. please reply. Oh and any adice on raising them is greatly appreciated.

08/13/06  10:16am


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I have some apple and mystery snails which are pretty close to what you have(just a lil bit smaller) and all the advice i have to give you is this

*******DO NOT ONLY FEED THEM ALGAE****** I know it seems pretty stupid but everyone tries to get away wit it and it usually kills the snails, other than that you seem pretty well prepared

03/12/07  09:58pm


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african land snails are easy to look after but them they grow big and start laying eggs thats the only problem coz they lay loads and if u dont want them you can freeze them but you got to keep checking.

05/29/07  01:31pm

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