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 HR669- Everyone-PLEASE READ!

Hey, for those of you who have not seen this, please read it:


All Members and Fellow Hobbyists must read and take action on this. We have less then a week to act on this.
Please go to the following websites regarding information on your rights to own your pets.

This website has a video that explains the bill. It explains to you what is at risk and how you can do something about it. Plus they even took the courtesy to make it easy for you to send emails and locate the people you need to contact. The site also includes updates as well.

The link below is the text of the bill.

Here is another site with information as well.

Also try to keep all HR669 forum posts on RZ up towards the top so they are read by others. Make sure we have a post on all our forums. If there is not a post in other forums then please add one. This will be one of the few times we are allowing some spamming. For members that have been keeping on top of things please keep members here updated. That would be greatly appreciated. I thank every member that contacted me personally on this subject as well.

You will find other things you can do to help by reading some of the HR669 posts already circulating on the forum. I would strongly recommend having your family, friends (on-line friends as well), and co-workers respond to the bill as well.

Thanks for reading. If you have any question, comments, suggestions. Or if I have something wrong on here please feel free to contact me.

Contact Doug - Webmaster.

Doug - Webmaster

Pass this info along to anyone you know who keeps or enjoys herps. Pass to anyone who cares. Thanks

04/18/09  10:11pm

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