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 Snails eggs?

my oma said that snails could have eggs with only one snail. i want to get one of those big water sanils but i dont want to have to deal with the eggs will getting only one syop the eggs?

05/27/08  11:03pm


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 Snails eggs?

Most snails are asexual which means they are both male and female and can produce eggs by themselves. You can get an apple snail (pet stores also call them mystery snails) which is not asexual-you need to have both a male and a female. I have 4 apple snails-1 in each of my 4 tanks. If you would by chance get a female that already has fertile eggs in her and she lays them they are easily removed if not wanted. Apple snails lay their eggs outside the water in dry land and they are usually in 1 large clump. Hopefully this helped you out. I love my apple snails-they are cool to watch. They have a long breathing tube that they will stick out of the water to breath with. Check out this site: Link . Let me know if you have any other questions.

05/28/08  02:18pm

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