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 Snail death?

Ok, so I had one of those tan colored, about an inch big, aquarium snails. Well, today I looked, and I noticed that my snail’s shell is empty, along with that little ’door’ that he had on himself that he closed himself into his shell with that was detached. I couldn’t find any remains.
I’m not sure what to say really. I mean, when snails die, do they decompose fast? Do they detach themselves from their shells or something? Or maybe my fish could’ve eaten him (my fish is around 6 inches long)? Is he hiding somewhere in my tank (which sounds crazy lol)? This was sort of sudden.

04/27/08  04:27pm


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 Snail death?

I’m thinking the fish ate it, I had this happen with two snails in with my clawed frog in the past, one of them was just dead out of the shell (I actually saw it and removed it from the tank), the other just disappeared so I just assumed the frog ate it.

04/30/08  06:04pm

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