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 I have no idea how to take care of my slug

Okay, so I just saved a slug from a very fat hawk, who eats our ground worms, I named him lou and I donít know how to take care of my peep! Please help!!!!!!!!! SINGHED


04/13/07  11:43pm


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 I have no idea how to take care of my slug

I would just suggest setting him back outside. I know it sounds like youíre doing him a favor, but without a skeleton or any real form of structure, and with their ability to climb up just about anything, they can escape from virtually anything you put them in. Trust me, Iíve tried it, I caught this HUGE slug one day, and the next day it was gone. It had escaped through one of the air-holes, and I had to search the house to find it. Finally I cought sight of a bit of slime, and then another untill finally I had a somewhat workable trail (which was NOT easy). Apparently it made itís way all the way across one room and into the next, and then I found it almost completely dried out in a dusty corner. I took it and put it outside on a wet rock where it hydrated and then lived happily ever after ;)
Moral of the story, leave it where you found it, and put it back if you took it.

04/17/07  06:14pm

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