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Nigels Mom   Alligater  

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Nigels Mom
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 Help! I’m a new snake owner!

I purchased a honduran milk snake about three weeks ago from a reptile store for my son for his birthday. I was told the snake had never bitten anyone and "had been there for a while" and that this type of snake is usually a good pet. He seemed active but calm when I held him. I bought him with his entire terrarium/set up and took him home the next day. We were encouraged to handle him often, which we did. He was fine for about five days and then he bit me when I was returning him to his enclosure. I was freaked but unharmed and I went by the pet store to ask them what to do. They encouraged me to continue handling him and use gloves if necessary. I have not had any trouble with him eating and I put him in a different enclosure to eat but he seems to be becoming more distressed instead of less. He never bites when I initially pick him up. He tries to leave and is quite speedy about it but within a minute or two will bite, defecate, and squirm, twisting his body frantically to try to free himself. I hold him the best I can until he settles and try to keep him from hurting himself and once he’s quiet I put him back. Am I doing the right thing? Any tips would be very appreciated. Thanks!

02/07/17  09:35pm


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 Help! I’m a new snake owner!

once you buy a snake you should wait 2 or 3 weeks til they get used to they environment before you hold them, I would hold it a short time, until it gets used to being held, I just got a pueblan milk and it is squirmish and bites, I hold it for a short time and put it back, it no longers bite and some might not do this but I do. Before I feed it I handle it and next I put it into it’s feed container,feed it then put iit up, I raised Hundurans for years and breed them

02/21/17  04:55pm

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