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My boyfriend and I bought I Honduran Milk Snake on October 4, 2014. We got him from a chain pet store. We went through the store with the reptile salesman who helped us pick out everything we needed. He was believed to be just a few months old.

When we brought him home we wanted him to get used of his new home so we didn’t handle him. Although, we bought him on a Saturday and Sunday was his feeding day. On Sunday he ate a pinky (in a different reptile, small like transport case).

Since the day we got him he had something wrong with his eye. It looked like it was bigger then his other eye and like it was indented (we kept an eye on it and were concerned). We live 3 hrs away from a reptile vet so we weren’t able to take him in. He was also not very mobile. He would move around his terrarium but would often stay in one spot for hours.

When the guy sold us "everything that was needed for him" he sold us a 15w light bulb and jungle earth (bark) bedding. When we put everything together the terrariums temperature stayed at 70 with the 15w light bulb. When reading online on numerous snake websites they suggested to use an under the tank heater. We went out and bought a under the tank heater and the pet store only had 50 w light bulb. That got the terrariums temperature to mid 80s but we noticed that the snake was on the cold side the majority of the time so we bought a lamp dimmer so we could adjust the heat. At this point he was still slow moving and we were still concerned about his eye and how slow and not mobile he was.

On October 12th, 2014 we were going to clean his terrarium ( use aspen instead) and feed him. When we went to take him out he was dead. Limp, no life, his head was downward kind of in the bark. We took him out to see if there was any life, but there wasn’t and his tongue was sticking out.

What happened?? What did we do wrong?? Is it possible he was sick went we got him?

10/13/14  01:28pm

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