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 Finicky Feeder

I have a a baby Sinaloan milk snake that I’ve had for a few months now and his first feeding was perfect. he took it just fine with no problems but now every time i try to feed him or just go in his tank for cleaning he goes completely bonkers. He starts flailing around and even hits the glass with his face sometimes even if i put a mouse right in front of his face. So now when its feeding time the only way he will take it is if i put the mouse in front of his hide box. Why is this happening? Will he grow out of it?

07/25/14  09:36pm


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 Finicky Feeder

my black milk gets silly at feeding time as well, I used to wonder what the heck was wrong with her but now I have learned to just accept that she is a weirdo! for instance back when she was younger she would only eat rats backwards for some reason. nowadays she strikes so randomly and its this slow half speed awkward lunge that usually results in a miss. so all I do is open her tank drop it in and walk away, she may be awkward and silly but 9 times out of ten when I come back to check she has taken the rat. after 4 years of her insane feeding I chalk it up to some snakes are just plain weird!

07/26/14  07:51am


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  Message To: Xkabx   In reference to Message Id: 2307953

 Finicky Feeder

How can I make my notifications come back

07/26/14  09:09am

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