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I tried to find this before posting and couldn’t so I’m super sorry if it’s been asked before.

My Honduran Milksnake sheds a lot. He’s shedding every 4-6 weeks and his last skin was over 5 feet long so I know he can’t possibly get much longer. He’s actually about to shed in the next few days... again.

Either way, I don’t know how old he is, I’m his third owner. The first was military and gave him away when he was deployed, the second was a married female whose husband would feed him, they divorced, she couldn’t tolerate it so I got him about a year ago. I was told at that point that he gets two mice every week.

He would shed every three weeks so I dropped him down to two mice every two weeks. He was still shedding at least once a month.

I dropped him down to one mouse every two weeks and he became less active and less friendly. He turned the color he does just before he sheds and stayed that way for a week so I gave him two mice at the next feeding.

I tried one mouse every week and he went back to shedding once a month.

I’m now alternating. He gets fed every two weeks, first feeding is one mouse, second feeding is two. He’ still shedding every 4-6 weeks.

He got loose once (closer to five or six times) and was MIA for two months. I found two skins.

Am I feeding him too much? Is he supposed to shed this often and I’m just freaking out for no reason? I got a ball python three months ago and she’s only shed once.

06/14/14  08:29am


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He sheds in direct proportion to the amount of growth.....which is directly dependant with how much he is fed. A snake generally grows throughout it’s whole life if feeding properly. Although there is a juvenile growth phase where he would shed every two to three weeks if getting an ample amount of food, it does tend to slow a little after adult onset, but if enough food is coming in, his shedding will still be very often. The fact he is still shedding often is a good thing, rather than something to be concerned about. If the skin is 5 foot, he is probably more in the 4-4.5 foot range as the skin stretches while coming off. Some hondurans can reach 6-7 foot, although most don’t. Its like saying some people can get almost 7 ft tall, Most of us don’t make it out of the 5-6 foot range though. Feed him what he can and will eat and still keep down, and he will be the healthier snake for it as long as he doesn’t get too fat. SSSSSsssssnakebuz

06/26/14  11:41am

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