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Olyrussell   Snakebuz  

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 Help identifying my milk snake

I have just bought a Nelsons milk snake for my girlfriend. She already has a honduran albino tangerine. I bought this nelsons milk as a "hypo" but after scowrering the internet there is no such thing a a hypo nelsons milk snake. Definately has thin bands so not a pueblan mis identified and has more than 13 bands so is not a sinaloan. Must be a Nelsons but only difference between her and a normal looking one is that her head and bands aren’t black they are light chocolate brown. Can anyone help????

12/18/13  04:26am


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  Message To: Olyrussell   In reference to Message Id: 2302729

 Help identifying my milk snake

Since you haven’t put on a picture to go by, I suppose you don’t have one or the capability to post it with, so here goes from what is available. If you have a predominantly red milksnake that has brown rings and not black, it is a hypo of some type. 13 bands is not a limiter for whether a snake is a sinaloan or not...some sinaloan have a few more rbr’s, some don’t. If you could post a pic that would help out immensely.


01/21/14  12:15pm

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