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 Help brumation and breeding (Honduran) Milksnakes


I have a new adult pair of hondos for about ten days.
When I got them, they told me they where already kept at about 68 degrees (and they were in shed, female did shed, male didn’t yet).
When I got home I found a chick leg in the bag where the male was in (probably regurgitated?). The next day one of the snakes did take a dump (I think, maybe also reguritated). And today I did found vomit (I think) again, you can see the picture below, does this look normal ? (don’t look if you did just eat :) )

I was wondering if this is normal, and if they had to be kept at normal temperatures for a longer time, to clear the gut (I hope it is clear now).
Because they told me they already started the brumation, I did not give them any extra heat (or food, just water), they are kept now around 63 till 66 degrees.

So can I go on cooling them, if yes at what temperature and for how long and how humid ?
Or do I need to heat them up (and feed) again ?

Below some picture of them, do you guys think they are in good condition to start (continue) the brumation ?

Thanks in advance!




11/05/13  09:15pm

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