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Tankola   Snakebuz  

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 Jumpy Peublan milksnake


i recently purchased a 9 month old pueblan milk snake, and was advised to let him settle for 7-10 days before handling him, which i’ve done, he feeds fine with no probs, but when i try to handle him he musks and becomes very skittish, and being as fast as he is i dont want to grab him too hard.
Is it a case of grab hold of him and let him calm or am i doing something wrong?


09/12/13  08:26am


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 Jumpy Peublan milksnake

Anytime you pick up a milk, do not plan on restraining him totally... you can restrict his movement a little to slow him down, but never grab him with the intent of not letting him move through your fingers. He will freak, as in his mind, something has him and is fixing to harm him....and as you hold him against his struggles, he could get hurt. Hold him slightly loose over something soft and where he can not get in an unreachable place quickly if you drop him. You can cup him where he cannot get out as long as there is room for him to move in your hands. He will calm down as soon as he realizes you holding him is not threatening him. Remember he is scared and afraid of you until he learns it is not necessary.


09/23/13  03:50pm

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