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 Milk snake question

a little info first...13 inch pueblan milk snake housed in a 29 gallon tank with eco carpet...left side of tank has under tank heater and on top red bulb heat and in the middle of the two a hide hut...middle area has water dish and right side has branch for to question...i know milk snakes like to hide and mine does all the time...doesnt even look like i have a snake 90% of the time...anybody have any experience with keeping pueblans with no hides...i know snakes need hides to feel secure but has anybody tried with no hides and if so how did the snake take to it?...thank you in advance

05/27/13  07:47pm


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 Milk snake question

The reason for a milksnake to hide, is that it’s active during the night and rests inside the hide during daytime. Keeping a snake with no hide is like lifting the roof of our house.

If you want a daytime active kingsnake, you need to get a L. pyromelana.

05/30/13  01:56pm

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