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 Pair of pueblans with mating issues

So, last year I snatched up an adult pair of puebs at a reptile show and I just recently decided to start introducing them. Last night, they crawled around each other like crazy, but they definitely never locked up. I put them in the female’s tub if that makes any difference. The male was a little jerky and jumpy and he eventually bit the female. I left them for another hour or so but it was obvious they were stressed so I removed the male. Is this because I didn’t brumate? Because I’ve heard it’s not necessary. This is my first year of breeding, so I’m new to this. Lol Or is this all part of the milk mating cycle? Any advice would be appreciated. I could probably still pull a month long brumation if I have to, but it just makes me nervous.

01/23/13  04:26pm

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