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Studer29   Sandboaking  

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 Pueblan hard to handle

Greetings I purchased a pueblan milk going on 3 months ago. The pet store guessed his age to be a little over a year at the time of purchase. Now i know pueblans can be a bit flighty and feisty but i would of thought by now with regular handling sessions he would be less crazy acting. He has never struck at me he just constantly tries to get out of my hands. I only handle him on average once to twice a week. I will often times leave him be if he looks like he is sleeping or any time near shedding and for 3 days after feeding. His first shed was ruff but the last two have gone wonderfully so I figured perhaps just stress with the new environment may have been the cause to the first ruff shed. He looks marvelous eats well and really seems to be quite healthy and happy. Until I try to handle him, now I’m not expecting him to just hang out in my lap and watch TV with me but id like him to be at least a little easier to handle, so any tips on how to better adjust him to handling would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

10/16/12  06:50pm


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 Pueblan hard to handle

Well... congratulations, you got a wild one! Milks always seem to be a little crazy, but the older/larger they get the calmer they are... usually. I’d say just keep at it.

11/13/12  07:06pm

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