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 Oh happy day …

I’ve got a couple of amelanistic Honduras milksnakes, the female is 4 years old and the male is 3. I put them together in march hoping for a successful mating, but nothing happened. I thought maybe the male was not mature enough.

During the summer I have kept them together since another of my adult milksnakes, the large male sinaloan, broke his terrarium, so I had to use the male hondo cage to house the sinaloan until I had a chance to build a new home for the sinaloan.

Today, about 3 months late, I found a clutch of eggs in the hondo moistbox. Maybe my milksnakes beleive that they live in the southern hemisphere, last season my sinaloan female laid her clutch 3 months late too.

These 6 hondo eggs are huge, weighing almost 60 grams each, nearly twice the weight of an average sinaloan egg.

Here is the male

09/04/12  09:30am


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  Message To: Peter54   In reference to Message Id: 2278954

 Oh happy day …

Great deal Peter. I just wish I could get a couple of sinaloan babies off of that big sinaloan male you have, lol. Those would really brighten up Texas!

11/20/12  10:43am

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