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So I just got a honduran milk snake from the reptile expo yesterday and they said she last ate friday but I’m not sure how much I believe that as they said she was too small to sex come to find out from three other vendors she’s female and not too small to tell the gender. She’s very calm no aggression or musking but my boyfriend was holding her and she like mouthed his finger not in a aggressive way or anything and when he moved his finger and she let go and went about slithering around.. it wasn’t like a normal snake tag and he said she didn’t even hurt him she just put her mouth on him and let go.. What I’m curious about was what did that mean could it be she’s hungry or just testing out what he is? I’ve never owned a milk before but I do know a normal snake tag compared to this and she didn’t strike she just put her mouth on his finger nonchalantly and let go and went about crawling through his hands.

04/23/12  11:13pm


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Snakes can be sexed whatever size they are, you just do it in different ways. Very young snakes, up to 3 months, can be "popped". There is a nice video showing how this is done on Cathy Loves site.

Older snakes can be sexed by probing them with special probing tools.

Hard to tell why your snake "tasted" a finger, perhaps the finger had an interresting smell?

08/18/12  02:41pm

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