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 Just got my first Honduran

hi new here just bought my first snake went for a Honduran milk , I’ve done what they said at the pet shop , they sold me everything i need they gave me a heat lamp they set it up at one end the temp reads 88 to 90 is that to hot ?Any advice I doing wrong ?

09/06/11  02:09pm


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 Just got my first Honduran

If the temp in your tank averages at 88-90F, it’a a bit steep I think. I would say 77-82 daytime and maybe 72-75 at night, but of course providing the snake with a heatspot where the temps reach 90-95F.

Also take in consideration that the Honduran milksnake is the only of all 25 milksnake subspecies that lives in the rainforest, meaning the humidity should be higher than for other milksnake subspecies.

I have kept the natural tricolor Hondurans earlier, but I don’t like that the tend to get dark and dull with age, so nowadays I keep amelanistic Hondurans only. Hypo is also a good choice if you have the same idea as do I about the fading color.

11/02/11  06:12pm

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