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 Milk snake died

Hi everyone, this is my first post, and a sad one but I’m trying to figure out what happened to my little albino nelson’s milk snake.
I only had him for 3 weeks, he was eating ok until yesterday when i offered him a pinkie and he wasn’t interested. It looked as though he was going into shed so I thought that might be the reason. My boyfriend held him and he seemed to be lethargic and not pulling that hard when moving around. he just didn’t seem very strong. then later I noticed he was no longer flicking his tongue and I really started to be worried about him.

he laid on the table and then turned his head completely backwards and upside down and just sat like that. then he started to spin his head around in a tornado like way, I put him away and found him dead this morning in his hiding spot.

Now I’m confused because it seems like everything he did resembled IBD. But I’m not finding anywhere that happens to milk snakes.

I thought I would post here and see if anyone had any idea what has happened to my poor little snake and maybe where I could read more about it. Thanks in advanced everyone

07/10/11  12:10am

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