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 Lost red tail found a shed

i have a missiong rtb and i thought he was long gone but i found a snake shed under my bed any sugestions

02/18/06  11:23pm


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  Message To: Peavey_18   In reference to Message Id: 656555

 Lost red tail found a shed

yes take one of ur mice and tie a strong string or fishing line to its leg and tie it on too somthing in the air so the boa cant get it and choke on the string then take the heat lamp or pad sit it near the bait then if it goes to get warm they usually daze off and dont notice anything its almost like a spell but if it pre killed food set in a cardboarde box and have the box lean on an angle so if it goes in it will tip and catch it but ifr it is a big snake trie puting a bell on it or somthing that makes sound so u can hear it and get there rite away
C.J. P.S. if u need more detail personal message me.

02/19/06  12:52pm


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  Message To: C.J.ReptoKid   In reference to Message Id: 657013

 Lost red tail found a shed

Plz help i have lost my 10 foot, 95 pound Burmese python. I have a dog, 2 cats, a rabbit, and a baby.

02/18/07  07:19pm


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  Message To: BillyBob1   In reference to Message Id: 1178659

 Lost red tail found a shed

what were you thinking, keeping an 10 foot burmese python that is now loose with your pets, and even your baby at risk. did you even think before you purchased an burmese

05/16/07  07:34pm


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  Message To: Deathmachine   In reference to Message Id: 1283726

 Lost red tail found a shed

and maybe you should create a new thread instead of hijacking this one

06/17/07  07:00pm

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