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 I know there’s a million of these, but lost snake!

I got a corn snake back in January, bright little thing. When I moved to my new apartment it was doing fine, ate without any issue. I went on a quick visit to my parents for a few days and had a friend come in to keep an eye on him. Last day, that I was coming home, they checked to make sure he was still hiding under his water rock, and the tank didn’t close properly. He had escaped by the time I was home. (odd though, since he refuses to move if the lights are on or the sun is up) I looked everywhere, and no sign. the flour trick worked that first night, and i knew he was still around, but there have been no signs of him since. I’m worried he managed to get under the carpeting or into the pipe access in the apartment and is now in the floors or the walls. Worst part is it’s summer, so the heating pad probably won’t work since it’s been unseasonably hot. This is the first time I’ve lost it, and it has me very upset. It’s been almost 3 weeks since it escaped, and the food trick hasn’t worked. I consistently check the chair and appliances, but no luck yet. Any tricks to try that haven’t been offered consistently for similar posts?

08/01/12  12:49am

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