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Lizard girl 4
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 Need to catch this snake!!!!

So on Thursday, 9 of our baby chicks hatched out but there were 4 that still hadn’t hatched. Later that day we went down to see if the rest hatched and all 4 eggs were gone! I mean shell and all!!!!!!! The next morning we went down to feed the chickens and there were only 6 chicks! As you can probably tell, the Mama hen is not very protective So now we have the chicks and the Mom in a much safer cage. Today I was wandering around in the field and I heard something in the grass. I looked and I just barley saw a tan snake slither out the fence! It made perfect sense to me that this is probably the thing getting the chicks. I didn’t catch it so I cut a whole in a empty milk container and put the biggest egg I could find in it then duct taped it shut. I put it out where I saw the snake.......... Can you think of any other harmless traps? I don’t want to hurt the snake, I just will release it in a different spot. It looked like it was solid tan color and it might have been 2-3 feet long. I really need suggestions because the cage we made for the hen and the chicks is not snake proof.

05/28/12  07:06pm

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