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Zeus_Iggy   Chameleon_man  

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 Lost Leopard Gecko :((

This forum makes me so sad. I lost my young leopard gecko just before new years and I havent found him yet :( i lost hope after the first few days of not finding him. I put out meal worms but they crawled away before he ate them out of the bowl. I just sparked some new hope and made my bedroom very dark and set up a hiding spot with a water dish and a red heat bulb next to it. Maybe that will draw him. How long could he last in the "wild" of my apartment? :(((

01/13/12  03:28pm


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  Message To: Zeus_Iggy   In reference to Message Id: 2250887

 Lost Leopard Gecko :((

just up lift you apartment. lol i have had many animals her out. always seem to be under bed or under tanks. try under something warm like fridge, oven, stove. my cornsnake got out and lasted 7 month!!!!! idk how he did it but he did i found him & months later just chillen in my living room. lol

01/20/12  02:07pm

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