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Pwnz0r noob   Marmalade  

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Pwnz0r noob
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 My baby corn is lost

Please post I lost him 2 hours ago in my living room, biggest room in the house, while on the computer.I’m devestated. He’s about 5 months old, 18 inches long. ive looked all over, and I’ve put out a water bowl and hiding box. trying to find something to hand a light from. My dad won’t let me put flour down and he eats live fuzzies so I couldn’t really use food. Please help[Image]

12/22/10  10:46pm


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  Message To: Pwnz0r noob   In reference to Message Id: 2193918

 My baby corn is lost

Hey hhey dont worry... mine is missing too, my mates came back after like 3 months!! babies can live for like 6 months with no food or water you’ll be fine :) just calm down.... when shes really hungry she’ll come out, get a live fuzzie and put in a box with small holes to release a smell, this should lure her out :)

11/13/11  02:24pm

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