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 Coral Snow Corn In Vent

I’m very new to keeping reptiles, as in I’ve had mine for about 15 hours. I have two corn snakes, a male Coral Snow Het. Motley and a female Ghost Het. Motley. Well, I kept them in the pie-sized containers that I got them in. I was planning on setting up their tank today after I get the required bedding and heat source.

My Coral Snow escaped during the night. I didn’t close the lid securely and now he is gone. I knew he would follow the wall and have become very sure that he has gotten down the vent because it wasn’t secure. I didn’t snake-proof the room.

I know about the liter-bottle/pinkie trap. He was fed about a week ago, so he may be getting hungry all ready. I will set up the trap near the vent.

I had questions. Should I continue to set up the tank anyway and put a heat source in it and a way to get in? If I do this, I assume I should keep my Ghost in her container so she doesn’t escape too, correct? Has anyone had success in luring a snake out of a vent system?


07/13/09  10:42am


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 Coral Snow Corn In Vent

I hope you found him by now, but if not.... Can you take the vent cover off and see if you can reach him that way. Have you tried setting up a warm spot as a trap? Do you have any pets like a cat or dog that seem to be interested in a certain spot? I found my snake when he got out by observing my cats.

07/20/09  05:56pm

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