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 [URGENT] My Bearded Dragon got Away


I’m posting today in regards to a very unfortunate and devestating note (well for me at least). I live up in Western Canada and yesterday was the first day of the year that was warm enough for me to take my healthy, growing and beautiful coloured lizard outside to get some true, natural UVB rays. He was fine, acting like usual (hes only about 5 months old but over 14 inches) when things took a turn for the worst.

I was holding him when he bolted off my hand and ended up underneath my parents car. I got down and saw him there with one foot up on the inside of the wheel. I knew I needed help incase he were to run so I went approximately 2.5 meters to get someone to assist me and was back in two seconds. But when I came back he was gone... vanished... right before me eyes.

Immediatly I had about 5 neighbors looking. We had narrowed it down to two options - either he went up under the car (WHICH WAS VERY WARM) and is tangled in the engine somewhere or he ran for open ground through the marshy grass in my frontyard.

We searched for over four hours checking every shrub, every tree, every stump and inside the hood of the car (to the best of our abilities). This was not his time to go because he was so healthy, growing and amazing. I am extremely devestated and feel terrible so I really need your help.

** Here’s where you come in **

Using your knowledge of these lizards - do you think he would have ran upwards into the car which was extremely warm or would have bolted through the open, wet and marshy grass? I was gone for such a short time (approx 4 seconds) I can’t figure out how he could have bolted through the grass as I would have seen him. Plus, with so many searchers you would think someone would have spotted his movement.

I am extremely concerned for his well-being and as now time means life. He wont withstand much longer of a duration in this present temperatures and I have run out of ideas of where to look.

If any of you have lost beardies - where did you find them. What types of places would he go (e.g dry, dark, warm) and maybe that can narrow my search but as of now its pouring rain and I am close to distraught.

And the saddest thing about this whole situation? I was only trying to help and make him even strongier and healthier - but in the end now I have killed him :(

Thanks for all your help in advance.

04/13/08  10:31am


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  Message To: Leos_to_the_Max   In reference to Message Id: 1701237

 [URGENT] My Bearded Dragon got Away

you should call a animal resuer to take your car apart

05/10/08  04:46am


Sky line
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  Message To: Smcmillan1997   In reference to Message Id: 1730890

 [URGENT] My Bearded Dragon got Away

ya well at lest he did not jump from a 3rd floor balcony like mine

01/09/11  12:10am

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