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 Lost Pueblan Milksnake-PLEASE HELP

I asked my friend to babysit my Snake for me, but she wasn’t paying attention to him and he escaped in her house, and her parents won’t let me look for my Snake, they told me to just go and buy a new one. This happened on November 23, 2007. Yesterday, my friend said she smelled a really horrible smell coming from behind the fridge. I’m pretty sure that’s were he was all along, but my question is: has he been going to the bathroom behind the fridge and that’s what smells so bad, or has he died and is now rotting. Please let me know what you think, because I can’t tell what the smell is either, because I’ve never smelled Snake poop (I always hold my nose when I’m cleaning the cage) so i don’t know what the smell could be.

02/21/08  06:09pm

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