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 Escaped corn snake and mother with heart condition.

My 14 inch corn snake was shedding last night, so I left him alone and went to bed. I checked up on him this morning, and there he was......gone. (sorry, bad joke)

I’ve torn apart my living room, under/in furniture, closets, my kids rooms, my furnace vents, my kitchen, bathrooms, and I can’t find the little bugger.

If he got outside, he’d be dead on the doorstep due to the ridiculously cold weather, so I know he’s in here somewhere.

I can’t be as aggressive searching because my mother is visiting, and is terrified of anything that moves. If SHE finds the snake, they’ll both die. Her of fright, Judas the snake by being danced on. Mommy dearest had open heart surgery less than 6 months ago, and is in no shape for being startled or worried about it, so I didn’t tell her.

Anyone have any tips for luring or ideas on where else to look? My mom goes back home tomorrow morning.

02/21/08  03:02pm

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