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 HELP LOST 10ft pyton

omg i live on a 3 floor house with 3 baths and i lost my 10 ft python. omg im desperatly looking for it. DARN! i dont know were to look!

09/15/07  06:49pm


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  Message To: Salvatruchx6   In reference to Message Id: 1444882

 HELP LOST 10ft pyton

Look in flat, warm, dark places. Any closets full of boxes? Check there. Bookcases? There. Check behind all major appliances, (dishwasher, dryer, stove, fridge), the computer, stereos, in piles of laundry.
Odds are your snake just escaped, crawled along the walls and corners, and hid himself.
Better luck finding him than mine - my babyís gone and Iíve looked and looked, I think heís gone forever. :(

09/16/07  06:08pm


Joe smoe111
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  Message To: Hypopnea   In reference to Message Id: 1446126

 HELP LOST 10ft pyton

first make sure the neighbors dog isnt

09/22/07  06:26pm


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  Message To: Joe smoe111   In reference to Message Id: 1453155

 HELP LOST 10ft pyton


dnt mean to be rude but how the hell can u lose a 10ft snake

11/09/07  08:46am


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  Message To: Morgs71   In reference to Message Id: 1507109

 HELP LOST 10ft pyton

You would be surprised....
They can flatten out like pancakes when need be!

11/11/07  07:49pm


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  Message To: Sra   In reference to Message Id: 1510211

 HELP LOST 10ft pyton

umm i know this is off topic but i just bought a cor he is 5 moths old and i think his tank is too cold, his thermometer is at only 20 degrese cel and he seemes to not mind it will he be able to grow proporly and stuff? im SOOOOOOOOOOOOO woried that he will die from lack of heat :í< pls help/ respond, i cant find any other help!!!

11/18/07  11:08pm


Gottee guy
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  Message To: Hamelzz   In reference to Message Id: 1519302

 HELP LOST 10ft pyton

if youíre sooooooooooo worried than get him an 80 watt heat lamp

11/19/07  08:34am


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  Message To: Gottee guy   In reference to Message Id: 1519571

 HELP LOST 10ft pyton and to the loser of the python how the hell did u lose a 10 ft snake?

12/01/07  10:18pm


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  Message To: Hamelzz   In reference to Message Id: 1532909

 HELP LOST 10ft pyton

Seriously? he said itís a 3 story house. Itís easy to lose an animal in a house that big, Iíve lost my dog before, and he was a large dog. They just find the most unusual places to hide.

What you could do, is get a wired cage and put like a rabbit (or whatever the biggest thing he can eat) in it. make the wiring just large enough for him to easily get into, yet too small for the animal. Thus when he eats it, the mass of the animal will prevent him from escaping.

Yes I know this is a really old trick; however, we used to catch rattlesnakes this way without much fear of anybody being bitten. Works in a house, because eventually heís going to get hungry, and a free meal is too good to pass up.

12/11/07  05:23pm


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  Message To: Cormious   In reference to Message Id: 1543325

 HELP LOST 10ft pyton

this almost always works- though its fairly undesirable, but does the job- sprinkle flour over the floors of all of your rooms, and put either a heater or a pinkie in the middle of each room. next day, it should have either moved to the heat, or the food, and left a trail on the flour.
works for me.
good luck

01/01/08  05:17pm


The Original Sin
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  Message To: Bogie   In reference to Message Id: 1564286

 HELP LOST 10ft pyton

bogie i wish i would have thought about that...if it makes u fell any better my 3 1/2 foot iquanna escape and a week ago and i just now found him

03/13/08  06:14pm


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  Message To: Hamelzz   In reference to Message Id: 1532909

 HELP LOST 10ft pyton

pythons are not hard to a wheere do u he still missing?

03/12/11  10:01pm

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