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 Please, please, PLEASE HELP ME!

Hi, my new baby Kingsnake Cain is about 8 months old, 16 in. long and has definitely escaped from his lovely warm terrarium, probably because heís so little. The cage is in my basement in a carpeted area; Iíve already laid flour across the base of the stairs and Iím fairly certain he hasnít gone upstairs. Iíve set out a feeder trap with a defrosted fuzzie, and turned on the heat lamp.
The furnace in my house is turned off, and Iíve asked my roommates not to shower or do the dishes for the next 24 hours in case heís in the pipes.
Unfortunately, in the storage room thereís gaps in the drywall.
Iím getting my friends to bring over hot water bottles, electric blankets and the like, and I was thinking about setting out some water in a few nooks and crannies. I just moved into my house, so I have TONS of boxes he could be in.
So: heat source, check. Food trap, check. Water, check. Flour/cornmeal, check. Plastic bags along the walls, check.
Heís been gone for about 10 hours, I noticed right away. Should I wait until tonight when heís more active to find him? I have to go to work, and my roommate has a cat. :S
Is there ANYTHING else at all that anyone can recommend? Please help me find my baby, I love him to pieces, and I donít know what to do anymore!!!!

09/14/07  10:51am


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 Please, please, PLEASE HELP ME!

u can set traps. put flour on places u think tat ur snake is at, and see if it left a trail. or you can get a water bottle and buy a funnel with an opening just big enough tat your snake can get through, and get a pinkie and rubb its scents on the funnel so the snake knows where to go and put the pinkie in the bottle and tape the funnel in the bottle where the part where the funnel narrows down faces inside the bottle and just check it every day to see if the snake took the bait. so after it eats the pinkie, its stomach would be too fat to come out of the funnel. (if it even finds the exit.) my snake has been gone too and i have been desperately looking for him since august or earlier.

09/30/07  02:21am

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