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 PLEASE HELP ME! Down the Heat Vent?!

Hey everyone. Thereís a similar message posted like this down around here somewhere but i wanted to start my own strand...ok so hereís the deal. I have this baby cornsnake named Spectre and he canít be more than like 14 inches long...well the other day i bought him some new stuff and went to clean his tank and he was gone! My only idea of how he even escaped is that maybe he somehow crawled through the tiny crack in the top. Anyway, so Iíve been worried out of my mind looking for him due to the fact that I have a pet cat (even though sheís really lazy and canít hunt at all) and Iím afraid of him starving or dying of thirst...But hereís my question. I am thinking maybe he climbed down into the heat vent in the floor by his tank. If so, will he be able to get out??? Any tips on how to lure him back? And do you think he will be able to avoid the lurking feline? PLEASE HELP, someone!

05/08/07  07:13pm


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 PLEASE HELP ME! Down the Heat Vent?!

i am wanted at the school of minds so i know a lot of stuff about furnaces sow u need to turn off the furnaces or u will Cook um

01/09/11  12:20am

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